Monday, June 28, 2010

Project updates

I thought I would put an update on all the projects I'm currently working on.

  1. The Ransom of Button-Bright: I am trying to get this finished as soon as possible. Most of the penciling is done and I'm trying to get it lettered and inked.
  2. Marcus Mebes' projects: Marcus gave me 2 books to work on. He wants them to be secret for now, but they will be very interesting once they are completed.
  3. The Umbrellaphant in Oz: Now that I'm done with Bucketheads in Oz, Chris Dulabone sent me a new book to illustrate. Umbrellaphant is written by Carlos P. Silva and Marin Elizabeth Xiques. Chris knows how much I love Captain Salt in Oz and thought this would be perfect for me.
  4. The Talking City of Oz: Ron Baxley Jr's story is currently being edited by Chris and Marin right now. Once that's done it's off to me to illustrate. Ron is hoping to have it done by the fall, but I'm doubtful that I'll complete it that soon.
  5. Images of Oz(working title): This is the art book I'm trying to put together. I have plenty of art I can put in the book. I just have to figure out what I want the book to look like.

Hopefully I can get some of these projects done soon.


Marcus said...

By all means, Shawn, put my projects at the bottom of the list. I'm also booked pretty tight with projects that'll last me a good while, and want to give them my focused attention once you get to them. Shall we shoot for a 2015 deadline?

It's good that you're around nowadays with all the advancements in science, medicine and technology that makes our lives more rich, but I kinda wish you'd been around 100 years ago. If Baum and Thompson had discovered your work then, you'd have been the Royal Illustrator. Your art is fun and whimsical, and you're quite talented, to boot.

Say, have you read my book SHIPWRECKED IN OZ? Samuel Salt is quite prominent in it.

Nathan said...

Is Talking City the same one that was edited and published by March Laumer?

S.P. Maldonado said...

Marcus, I haven't read Shipwrecked yet. I've been planning to get it soon.
Nathan, I believe it's the same book. Ron rewritten it and it is being re-edited right now.