Monday, August 6, 2012



Sam A M said...

Oh how Beautifully SLIM and SLENDER you've made her look!

I never really liked that wider-brimmed, almost-puffy sleeves look even by Neill - made her look too chubby.

THIS is good!

rocketdave said...

I hope I'm not out of line mentioning this, but I recently read an observation that Glinda's crown bears a resemblance to something rude, and I don't really have a lewd mind, but looking at this drawing from the hair up, I can kind of see it.

I've been thinking about trying to draw Glinda myself recently, but I've been uncertain if I want to stick closely to her classic look or do my own thing- mainly because I'm not sure how much I like that whole headpiece. I guess it would be more to the point that I'm somewhat confused by it. She seems to be wearing a snood, but is that connected to the rest of the crown? Is that based on some actual medieval royal headdress? I don't know.