Monday, September 3, 2012


As an artist I think I'm pretty adaptable. Maybe not as good as some, but I can change my style easily if I want to. Here are some pictures of Ozma in different styles I use.

  1. This is what I would call my natural drawing style.
  2. When I started illustrating Oz, this is the style I used. 
  3. This is the style I have been using for Illustrator's Guide to Oz.
  4. This is what I call my comic-book style.
Is there a certain style that you prefer?

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Sam A M said...

I think they're all good, though I do prefer the slightly more realistic/life-like approach.

I think labels under the numbers might have helped the image, just with the new way Blogger/Google enlarges images for closer inspection.

I think Ozma's hair could have used a little more detail or lining for "Illustrator's Guide", but it's all good like I said!