Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tempus the Parrot-ox

Oz has many great characters. When new writers make new Oz stories, they try to create interesting characters to join the pantheon of Oz characters. I thought I'd show some of my favorite from some of the non-canonical books out there.
I want to start with Tempus the Parrot-Ox from Edward Einhorn's "Paradox in Oz". The Parrot-Ox is a wonderful character who is "capable of doing nothing at all, unless it is impossible." I believe he belongs as one of the great Oz characters out there.

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rocketdave said...

Oh, cool. I actually just read this book yesterday after purchasing a used copy. And now I've stumbled on your site while doing a search for something else. I admit to being a bit skeptical when people invent their own Oz characters, but I have agree with you that the Parrot-Ox fit in perfectly with Oz canon.